Jack W. Davis

Full stack PHP Development from a Marketing background...

About me

Jack W. Davis is a website development, SEO and Marketing consultant from Lincoln, UK

I’m Jack. I’m a software engineer, website developer and database designer from a strong digital Marketing background.

I have six years in development work and over eight years in Marketing. So far in my career (day job and freelance), I’ve specialised in supporting eCommerce businesses who are looking to launch, expand or extend their online stores.

PHP with MySQL is my weapon of choice, although I have experience in Python, Node.js and Ruby. I have a thorough understanding of MVC architecture, using frameworks such as CodeIgniter, OpenCart, PrestaShop and CakePHP.

I am looking for an opportunity with a technology start up who would benefit from a creative back-end developer with a front-facing focus on feature-rich, engaging experiences. During the day, I am currently an engineer for an Aerospace and Defence consultancy.

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What can I do?


I specialise in PHP & MySQL MVC software. I have a lot of experience in Object Oriented programming as well as having explored other languages in the past including Python, Node.js and Ruby on Rails.


I’ve worked on dozens of eCommerce websites ranging from WooCommerce-powered WordPress installations right up to huge custom framework stores which handle thousands of products and millions of interactions. The frameworks I have used most are Codeigniter, OpenCart, PrestaShop, CakePHP and Magento.


Throughout my day job I have used and integrated a number of PHP and JSON based APIs for services such as: Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, MailChimp, Instagram, Amazon Product Advertising, PayPal, Braintree & Stripe.

My current and previous employers

Osprey Consultancy Services Ltd - Aerospace and Defence consultancy services
Totally Bound Publishing - The home of erotic romance fiction book publishing
Pride Publishing - The destination for LGBTQI romance fiction book publishing
Finch Books - Let your imagination fly with the best young adult fiction book publishing


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