Today I've released a new IMS LTI Consumer library for learning systems on CodeIgniter 3.x.

The library, which you can find here, allows training providers to easily integrate with LTI Providers with a seamless Single Sign On (SSO) service which can be easily added to any CodeIgniter 3.x site. Full documentation, including a code example, is available in the README file and I'm looking forward to seeing more people use it.

I'd love to get user feedback and continue to improve the library so it can be used by more organisations in future. At the moment, the library simply provides a SSO service but it can be built upon easily to include progress transfers and more if there is demand for it.

Feel free to use the Issue Tracker for any feature requests or to let me know about any problems. Also feel free to submit any pull requests!

Note: This library is not IMS Global official and is simply a third party solution.