So, I've been quiet for the previous few years while I focused on personal projects and my day-jobs. With a little more time to spare for blogging again, I've decided to start up sharing my experiences with CMS systems and marketing projects.

Recently I've been diving into Node.JS so what better platform to start with than the lightning-fast, modern Ghost blogging platform!

I've moved across a number of the more popular OpenCart blog posts from my previous WordPress installation although please note they mostly relate to OpenCart 1.5.x and OpenCart 2.x so make sure to note the date of the posts. (I'll be dipping into OpenCart now and then so I'll be adding more up-to-date guides and tutorials).

I'll be putting up my portfolio soon to showcase stuff I've worked on (where I have permissions to share them of course!).

I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging and hopefully helping people out where I've come up against something tricky or useful to know. I'll be sharing a short guide soon detailing how I got Ghost up and running on AWS Lightsail.

Hope to speak to more of you in future and please feel free to leave comments on any posts and I'll get back to to you as soon as possible.